In business, our success relies on manpower. Every day of operation,unforgiving equipment and hazardous situation threaten that manpower, property and the environment.

Thumb through the few pages of this valuable source,and you will find a host of ways to protect your business,promote employee safety and well being,and assure safe, productive operating practices. From employee safety awareness training to site safety audit, you'll find the latest tools for realizing ideal safety conditions.

Let us help maximize your manpower, and minimize risk to your employees and your business.

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Ramli Othman
Director/Principal Consultant


Safety Solutions was established in 1998 in response to the growing need for an independent, professional, and integrated occupational safety and health service.
The key priority of our business is a commitment of continuous improvement, to promote and encourage greater understanding, knowledge and awareness towards creating a safe and healthy working environment.


Delegates who successfully complete the course are
awarded the Certificate of Achievement

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